Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Done with her

I was impressed that McCain chose Palin for his VP. She seemed to have all the credentials and fell into the place of a political maverick. Then, as it will these days, all "hell" broke loose as
"investigative" (reporters looking for a Pulitzer) journalists began digging all sorts of trash up about her and her family.

I admire Obama's comment on the pregnancy of her daughter--that it was family business--and had no place in the campaign.

Then on a library list-serve, Jim Elliott reported from a New York Times story which said that when she was mayor of that small town 8,000 pop., she inquired of the town librarian what it would take to get some books taken off the library shelves that some townspeople objected to because of the language. The librarian was aghast and fought it tooth and toenail. Palin fired her( for "not giving the mayor her full support"), but recanted when many of the townspeople objected. Palin said about inquiries to the librarian, "They were rhetorical." Banning books as mayor???? Will she then, working with Homeland Security, work to ban books on a national scale? O. K. That does it for me.

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