Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Gas

There is no gas in Nashville today--as of late last night, 85% of all Nashville and surrounding area stations were empty. That is because the gas pipeline that supplies our gasoline ends at Nashville and because of Hurricane Ike, the pipeline is down to a tiny drip of gas.

It is interesting to observe what has happened--when stations had gasoline, cars lined up, even blocking major highways in the quest to fill up. Tempers flared as some oafs cut in line or filled up 10 gasoline cans after topping off their car.

Today the traffic is way down on Nashville streets; people are actually walking down the sidewalks. Brandon and Sheryl took the kids on a "jog" from their house to Nipper's Corner (with a stroller for Sam if he tired). There are lots of bikes on the road. It is, by the way, an absolutely wonderful day here. Although cloudy, the temp is high sixties with a slight breeze.

This is an occasion to thank God for all our easy blessings that we so take for granted and to use those original blessings--our bodies. Thank you God for gasoline and my car which allow me to come and go as I desire.

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