Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This and That

It has been a very fast week since last I blogged.

Peter and Lindsey Wilson were here Sunday for Peter's "audition" as worship minister at Otter. It is always good to see them. After church, we had the mother of all pot luck luncheons. So much good food! Then there was an ice cream "crank off". I really miss making homemade ice cream--we wore out at least two electric freezers at Potosi with Mow's vanilla ice cream which had Eagle Bran Milk and whipping cream in it.

While Brandon and Sheryl finished up the newest Zoe recording, I babysat last night. It went better than the last time in getting them to bed. I loved sitting on Sam's bed and talking. He didn't want to sleep because he had a two hour nap that day, and he was ready to talk. As I put my arms around his little round body and rubbed his back, I remembered those days 37 years ago with another redhead who never liked to go to sleep.

Tonight at Otter, the Musical Conversations featured Bobby Colvert and his chosen musicians and singers. Brandon sang I Can Only Imagine and Sheryl sang On My Knees. Amy Westerman sang The Old Rugged Cross. Amanda Vickers sang a song I was not familiar with, but it was beautiful. Philip Henry was visiting ,and he sang Give Me Jesus. Sonya Colvert sang Jesus Loves Me. The program began with an instrumental Ashoken Farewell--probably one of my most favorite tunes from the PBS Ken Burns series on The Civil War. All in all, it filled an empty spot in my heart, and I think all who were there loved it.

My favorite quote of the past year appeared in today's Tennessean: Dolly Parton said, "Sometimes people tell me I should go into politics, but I'm not interested. We've got enough boobs in the White House."

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