Sunday, July 06, 2008


We have had a wonderful weekend celebrating Maddie's and America's birthdays. Friday night we went to Lipscomb for the A Cappella concert and fireworks. This ia a great family experience with no large crowds pressing, a kid-friendly environment and great fireworks. We all loved it. The kids played all around us while we passed the time with friends. After eating rocket popsicles, the children were bathed in sugar (epecially Sam who got so much blue flavoring on his arms it will just have to wear off).

Yesterday was Maddie's 7th birthday party. It is hard to imagine that seven years have passed since I got the call that she was here. I flew in just in time to see her first in the hospital--Sonya Colvert picked me up at the airport. Maddie was a beautiful baby as she is a beautiful girl. Her red hair did not show up until much later, but the gorgeous blue eyes were there from the beginning. Maddie is the consumate thinker and "feeler" of the group of three. She seems to have a literary bent (maybe from me), and is very artistic (with her mother as an model) and musical (with her father's genes). I know she would have my Sam Thomas wrapped around her little finger ready to give her anything her heart desired. Love the girl!

The birthday party was matchless, as are all parties planned by Sheryl. (See Brandon's blog for a discription and pictures). Perhaps the crowning point of the party was the sliding down the stairs on mattresses. The girls went home with monogrammed pillows, bath salts and bath oil and fancy make-up and hair-dos. Little Sam needs a Daddy date with boy things to get over all of it.

Afterward, we went to see Kit Kittredge. I highly recommend this one for family viewing. The period costumes were right on. The movie is set in the middle 30's with the attendant loss of jobs, recession, foreclosures and homelessness associated with the Great Depression. That was all a little too close to comfort as one compares what is happening today. About half-way through the film, I remember just relaxing and enjoying it in a way I have not enjoyed movies for a very long time. It may be old-fashioned, but it was picturing the 30's, and I really enjoyed it. (Sam went to sleep.)

Happy birthday Madeline Gail from your Nonnie.

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