Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will the Silliness Never Cease?

According to the Tennessean today, 5 teachers at a Church of Christ affiliated school (Columbia Academy in Maury County) were told to switch churches or leave the school. Seems their church (not named--but probably a Church of Christ) used musical instruments during a Good Friday service. One teacher said she would retire; two others accepted a compromise--they had to agree not to attend the two or three services a year where musical instruments are played. The other two are leaving for other jobs.

Wonderful publicity for the school and the Church of Christ, isn't it? I know Columbia is a private school, but it seems to me what they are requiring is a blatant violation of civil rights--not to even mention the old tradition in the C of Ch. that all churches are atonomous and can set their own agenda. The school has succeeded in proving all the old statements about the C of Ch--we are a bunch of wierdos who believe we have the last word on truth, and everyone else can go to hell. Have a new thought? Believe in civil rights or even social justice? Prepared to fight to the death for every jot and tittle we have added to the gospel over the last 200 years? No, No and Yes.

Those who read this little squib this morning are probably laughing up their sleeves at those
poor little people who cannot see beyond their blind beliefs and adherance to mistaken traditions.

(So glad I am not one of them--God have mercy on me, a sinner.)

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