Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stopping for Death

Because I could not stop for Death--
He kindly stopped for me--
That carriage held but just Ourselves--
And Immortality.
Emily Dickinson, 1863

It was interesting to note that last night a media giant NBC stopped for death and mourned the loss of Tim Russert. The hour-long tribute, narrated by Tom Brokaw, was moving, spiritual and inspiring. Russert, one of my favorite commentators, was evidently well-liked by all who knew him--even those who dreaded his questioning. Over and over again his blue-collar roots were stressed and how those made a difference in his life and profession. A devout Catholic, his religion was also noted several times in its making of the man. Although I never got to see him on Meet the Press, (it comes on during Sunday church), I shall miss him as we approach the fall elections. He was adept at explaining all the ins-and outs, ferreting out the covert back-room dramas, and predicting very early who would win.

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