Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Sam

We celebrated Sam's 3rd birthday today at the bowling alley. I was quite impressed about how bowling alleys have changed. This one (on Nolensville Rd.) was quite child-friendly. The kids had a good time. I think a birthday party off-site is a good idea.

Let's see, we did McDonalds, the Bowling Alley, the skating rink, the park several times, and a very large costume party when Brandon turned 16 at the church fellowship hall.

Having Sam has really changed the Thomas equation--Spiderman, Lightening McQueen, and Batman have joined all the pink princess dresses. Airplanes, cars, and trucks are now parked amid the doll things. It has really been fun to see the differences. Having only had one child, I had no idea how different the two sexes are FROM BIRTH and continue to be as they grow.

Thank you, God for the gift of Sam. How I wish your grandfather Sam (Poppy) could have met you.

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