Monday, June 16, 2008


I think my favorite awards show is the Tony Awards. It was on last night--very classy, glamorous, and did not run overtime.

The plays offered as the best did not seem to have any staying power except August: Osage
County which, by the way, was written by a Texan. However, it is the dark sort of play about dysfunctional families that I have come to dislike. Someone said that literature mirrors the culture in which it is written. That is certainly true today. I find it increasingly hard to find a novel that I can read which is not full of gloom, doom and obscenities. Plays seem to be the same.

The revivals shone last night: South Pacific and Gypsy got several awards. Sunday in the Park with George looked interesting. The opening number Circle of Life from the Lion King was thrilling--where is one like it today? Or one like South Pacific for that matter? Or Phantom?
The musical muses have left the stage.

Because I have always had trouble memorizing, I have never wanted to act on the stage, but admire those who do. There is something electric about real-live performances for an audience. I have only been to Broadway twice, but was fortunate enough to see Phantom of the Opera there. I did see many plays at ACU performed by casts which rivaled the Broadway casts. And I enjoy going to TPAC--especially the musical road shows which indeed are as good if not better than the Broadway casts. But unfortuntately we have run out of good musicals to take on the road.

Somebody out there needs to write one.

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