Thursday, October 27, 2005

Christmas is coming

All the signs are here--Christmas will be celebrated again this year. Even as Halloween fades, Santa appears. From now until January 2, we will all have fun and spend money.

As I viewed the pictures on Brandon's blog today, I thought what a fun time for kids!
And for adults who are watching the kids and their various reactions to this season. It was always my favorite time to read to kids. There are some good ones out there that aren't gory, but scary.

Maddie gets very excited about celebrating most anything. Last night she was wiggling and giggling and couldn't wait to get on stage. She told her daddy that she loved standing on the stage. She and Ella are so much fun to watch. I am soooo glad I am here. Baby Sam will dress up next year, I am sure.

Thank you God for the excitement of children over little things. May we view the things you have given us with such excitement.

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