Saturday, October 01, 2005


I prefer autumn to fall as the designation for this beautiful season because the word itself sings.

I am a fall and winter person. The pumpkins are appearing everywhere now--bright, golden globes. And orange has taken over the grocery stores. Kroger had a whole, long shelf full of Halloween candy dressed in orange. Gourds and stalks decorated Fresh Market this morning, and I actually found some Honeycrisp apples there--haven't partaken yet, but I hear it on great authority they are Washington's best.

I finally got out all my Halloween stuff last night and enjoyed seeing what I had.
I think schoolteachers have more seasonal decorations than most people--but is so much fun to put it out year after year and to add new things too. I always look for the Oreo cookies with orange filling to put in my glass pumpkin cookie jar. And for the pumpkin and candy corn candies to put in the candy jar (Why are they so good?).

I am looking forward to the turning of the leaves so I can be a true leaf-peeper. I don't have to go to New England, all I have to do is to drive through the Cane Ridge community around the corner.

Happy autumn! And thank you God for your fingertips drenched in color as you made this season.

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