Monday, August 02, 2010

Purple Musings about Reading the Bible

I love purple, hence the change.  Wish I knew how to decorate further.  I have seen blogs with flowers, vines, etc.  But am still a novice.

Our teacher Sunday morning said that Christians must read the Bible today with new eyes--how would that play out in my fellowship which is often hidebound and closeminded?  Did he mean there are actually new things there to see?  Did he mean that God is actually adding new ideas to the Bible?  Did he mean we should actually read the Bible with contemporary eyes as did Eugene Peterson?  Did he mean the Spirit would help us in our myopia?  Did he mean there are new contexts we should see?  Or that the Bible changes meaning in different eras? Hmmmm....

Which do you prefer The Message, KJV or New International?  Any of those preferences might change how one would answer the above questions.  Oh, I know there are other versions--these are the ones I am more familiar with.  The Cotton Patch Bible never caught on with me.

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