Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coolness reigns!!

It is 82 degees outside at 5:13 p. m. and it seems that fall is on the way!  Thank you , God for relief from the heat wave that summer brought and for restoring the Tennessee I thought I had moved to.

Sheryl shared a photo of Maddie's first day in safety patrol.  So proud of her--made me think of the days I enjoyed in various uniforms:  The bright green uniform of the Hamlin High School Band, the pristine white coat of the CSO (Campus Service Organization at ACU  (no longer an organization there), the brown and beige of  a Kojie NuNu, and others I have probably forgotten.  Being in such organizations brought a sense of belonging and unity to my life at the time, and I enjoyed every minute of the hard work involved.  I hope such good times are in store for Maddie, Ella and Sam as they grow.

Thank you God for your instruction and emphasis on community life both out of and in the church.  You know what we need every hour of the day.

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