Monday, August 30, 2010


I long ago used up my time ranting about the fact that Nashville has no truly good Mexican food (Tex-Mex food like that found in Abilene, Texas).  This is another rant about the lack of good hamburgers here.    The best burger I ever ate was at Mr. Fry's Cafe in Hamlin, Texas , my hometown.  The buns had been buttered and heated on the greased grill so that the edges were nice and crispy.  The meat was freshly ground, hand-shaped and cooked to medium -well.  It was served open so that I could add as much or as little  mayo, mustard, catsup as I desired. (Don't you hate it when the mayo-m-c drip from the hamburger on your blouse!)  The tomatoes provided were home-grown, thick and wonderful.  The fresh lettuce and onions were crisp.  The cheese was custom fitted for the bun (again, leaky cheese drips are horrible) and the whole creation fit into my two hands without requiring that it be cut in half before I picked it up.  Where are such creations today????  Of course, part of the joy of these burgers was that we high schoolers got to leave campus for lunch and walk with our group the two blocks to Mr. Fry's.  Alas, Mr. Fry's is no longer there--and can't be found in Nashville.

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