Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Parks

This is the way television is supposed to be:  On P. B. S, this week is showing Ken Burns' new epic about the history of the National Parks. 

It is gorgeous and fascinating--I didn't know there were so many problems with creating them and keeping them pristine.  Watch if you get a chance--I will miss a couple of them because of the Zoe Conference, but they will be rerun I am sure.

One thing I like about Burns' work is that the writers he uses are not afraid to mention or credit God.

There is still time to make the Zoe Conference--we really need the money generated by this conference--as with many non-profits, we are hurting.  The new CD is one of the best (and if things continue to decline, it may be the last one).  So come on to Nashville and join us.

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