Friday, September 11, 2009


Our family went to see Wicked this week.  Spectacular!  Magic on the stage I have not seen since Le Miz.
The actresses in the major roles were excellent--in fact, the "Bad Witch" recently had the role on Broadway.
I had not expected to find so much humor in the play and loved it. The set was absolutely marvelous and intricately formed.And of course, the music was at times uplifting and at times sad--as it was planned to be.

I can't help but wonder what L. Frank Baum would think of his little book as interpreted in stage and film.
By the way, it was interesting how Wicked incorporated Wizard of O into the play.

There were good teaching opportunities for teaching the kiddies about not making fun of people because of their physical appearance too.  And the idea that good most often triumphs over bad.

Thank you God for the talents with which you have gifted writers, actors and musicians for our pleasure.

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