Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to Orlando

I went along for the ride as Zoe conducted a "Closer" conference at the Metro Church this past weekend. This is the church I visited 3 years ago to lead a woman's retreat on writing a spiritual autobiography.

It was so good to see those ladies again and to find that some of them are writing down their stories as I urged them to do. The new Metro building is spectacular! In a former grocery store, the church has remodeled it to accomodate a 900 seat sanctuary, a "Holy Grounds" coffeeshop and bookstore, a "Bistro" kitchen where meals are served 6 days a week, spacious classrooms and offices, a great gym for the youth with stadium seating, and a very comfortable atmosphere of welcome. It looks very nice on the outside with a huge parking lot and something most churches need badly--a loading dock.

This 18-year-old church is making real strides in the community. They recently merged with a 250 member Christian Church and are finding that a great blessing for both.

The ladies seem to be very active in reaching to all ages. This summer they have a series going on marriage and other concerns. Sunday morning Linda Werner of Legacy Principles spoke.

An additional blessing came in seeing folks from Abilene: Mike
Cope, Jack, Jill and Matt Maxwell and Sally Gary. What a blessing to see them. Also Alyse Hipes' (a member at Metro with her husband Kevin) mother was visiting. Edwina (Smart) Conaway has been a friend since college days. We had a great time visiting and telling who had heard about other members of that college time. Alyse's daughter Savannah was baptized Sunday morning adding a cherry on top of the luscious weekend.

I also got to see and be around Brandon, Sheryl and the rest of Zoe which I can't get enough of here.

What a joy! Thank you God for the worship, the sharing of John York on Sunday and the hospitality of the Metro people.

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