Saturday, April 28, 2007

Getting to Know Me

Here are 20 things I love (kids and grandchildren are a given!) Random Order

1. Turtleneck blouses
2. Matching socks for the blouse
3. Matching earrings for the blouse
4. Starbucks' Strawberry cream
6. Chili's chips and salsa
7. McAllister Deli's potato soup
8. Cracker Barrel's chicken and dumplings (I am hungry)
9. Netflix
9. Davis-Kidd Bookstore
10. Border's 3 for 2 paperbacks
11. Vespers at Otter Creek
12. The Gathering Room at Otter and the idea behind it
13. That funky worship leader at Otter
14. Some Bill Gaither videos (I am, after all, 69 years old)
15. My Buick and being independent enough to drive it wherever I want
16. Eating with my family
17. Movie night at 5405 Barton Vale
18. Sheryl's popcorn
19. Movies at the movie theater
20. My cozy house

More tomorrow--I love a lot of things!

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