Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bothersome things

Things that DIDN'T bother me as much before I approached age 70:

1. Two Story houses with steep stairs
2. Uneven terrain
3. Low toilets
4. How much time I had left to read all the unread books on my shelves
5. Driving at night in the rain
6. Driving at night to new places
7. The distance from the car to the front door of a store
8. The distance to a store in the middle of the mall
9. How long I had to stand in line
10 How much water I drank or didn't drink
11.How few handicapped parking places there are in some venues
12.How much light there is to read by
13.How cold the temp in a room is
14.How much stuff I have
15.Climbing ladders
16.How fast the days and weeks fly by
17.How long it takes me to do some things
18.How easily I forget things

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