Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting to Know Me III

Are you saying, "Way too much information?" Well, there are more things I love:

1. The Zoe Group
2. Otter's current Sunday morning class on The Creator and Art. Speakers have
been songwriters, poets, artists, photographers, etc.
3. Tim's sermons on Romans
4. Powerpoint--the creative addition it is to our worship time together with its
graphics, art, etc.
5. Communion at Vespers.
6. Otter's offering of classes by Amy Jill Levine. She is a prof. at Vanderbilt's
Divinity School, an orthodox Jew and a world-renowned scholar of the New
7. Antiques Roadshow
8. 24
9. Most PBS TV
10. All Things Considered on NPR
11. Fresh fruit
12. A thick garlic-flavored steak at Joe Allen's in Abilene
13. Bluebonnets
14. Bradford Pear Trees
15. Publix Grocery Stores
16. Pictures of my grandchildren
17. The Puffy Muffin
18. Real Coca-Cola
19. Good children's books that are written for children and not adults, ones that
make sense, and that don't talk about poop and belches
20. Sam's developing vocabulary (you knew I would get to them eventually)
21. My beautiful, smart Maddie
22. My beautiful and funny Ella
23. Their mom and dad

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