Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ella Visits

Ella came today. I helped train her for her future. She cleaned my bathtub ( from lint which accumulates from disuse--I am a shower person). As she cleaned she said, " I will be a "cleaner" when I grow up. And she did a very nice job too! My bathtub is too wide for me to reach to opposite side and if I ever got in it, I would never get out of it. So it was a real service.

We played restaurant and she delighted in being the waitress (maybe good training for the college years). Smart girl that she is-- since she can't yet write yet--when she took my order, she drew the items. Pretty good for age 4. I gave her a $50 tip (play money).

It is so good to be able to have the children in my home frequently. Sam was able to walk in today for the first time! He is getting so big! And is really into trains.

What fun!

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