Saturday, October 06, 2012


It seems that at my age, ponderings come so often; as I look back and forward.

Today, I am pondering the early death of a friend at Otter Creek--Diana Reed.  At 56, she was alive with energy, laughter, and service.  Yet now, she is in heaven basking in the love of God and his reward for loyalty.

Those of us who are left are asking why, why, why and shaking our heads in disbelief at the happenings of the last week.  I came a long time ago to the reality check that I would never know why such things happen; I can only believe in the goodness of God and in his work in our lives.  That, however, does not mean that I cannot yell, scream and cry as David did.

God, please  bless Wayne and the boys in this sad time and give us all eyes to see that we need to cherish those around us that we love because life is so short.

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