Sunday, October 14, 2012

21 Years

Hi, Hon,

It's Sunday, the 14th of October 2012; Brandon, Sheryl and I just got back from Atlanta where the Zoe Conference was held.

I can't believe it's been 21 years since that last night at Hendrick Hospital 5th floor where you died surrounded by us and many other loved ones.

You would have been so proud of Brandon this weekend leading Zoe, praying very mature and deep prayers to God as he led the conference in worship.  I burst my buttons every time I watch him and Sheryl so ably and spiritually bring others to the throne of God.  I am so, so sorry you did not get to know Sheryl.  You would have adored her and she you.  And I know those three little red-heads do love and adore you, even though they have never seen you--Brandon has done such a fine job introducing you to them as their Poppy.

21 years does not mean our loneliness for you has diminished--and it is not just on this day that we think about you. You are always with me, and I know that Brandon thinks of you every day--we just wish you were still here in the flesh.  There are always so many things that come up to talk to you about; and so many things I wish I had said when you were still here--well, one day soon--

I miss you deeply tonight.

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Brandon Scott Thomas said...

Wow...this was so good, Mom. I'm sorry I missed it before now. Love you!