Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brandon's Brithday

Several years ago on this day, I was lying in a bed in Hendricks Hospital holding a scrawny, crying, red little baby.  We named him Brandon Scott (Brandon is my maiden name, and Scott comes from a wonderful friend of the family Scott Hayes). 

Time passes so quickly; I wish could remember all the fun times we shared over the years; but they all add up to a glorious enriching of our lives with this baby.  I just wish Sam could see him grown up.  He would be so proud.

Many of the things I see and hear these days remind me of times with him.  Bands recently performed on a field near me, and I remembered the days when Sam and I followed the Wylie Band and Brandon all over West Texas to football games for four years--how many is that?  40 games, maybe?
I recently met someone from Seymore, and I immediately could picture that football stadium with the band marching in the West Texas wind.  A friend's granddaughter recently won regional in the UIL vocal contest.  I remember sitting with Brandon waiting to find out if he won that while in high school.  (He did.)  Brandon recently helped choose the Sing Song Hosts for next year--and I remember all the fun times associated with his winning that role and performing for his dying father.  This week I spoke to a group aboout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn being America's finest novel, and I thought of the performances of Big River in which Brandon appeared with us watching proudly.

So tonight we will celebrate with all those memories crowded in my head:  Happy Birthday, Babe! I love the way you love God and love me.


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