Monday, August 27, 2012

Another year at ACU

Opening day ceremonies at ACU this year were stupendous as usual--so emotional for many memories:

Teaching at ACU was the highlight of my life as a teacher.  I loved every minute of it--even climbing to the third floor to my office and classroom.  I miss it so much--it was  nice to be seen as some what of an expert in a field, even children's literature.  It was nice to be a "professor" and to be able to hold forth to those who would teach children later on.  There was something to be said for having experience in a real public school classroom before teaching college students.

I loved marching into Moody with other profs on opening day resplendent in our robes and being introduced as "the heart of the university".

I loved the "March Grandioso" and the Grand Choir--still great today!

I loved the very positive statements made about ACU by today's and past speakers.  Students need to hear about what a wonderful school they have come to attend.

I loved those first days of cracking open the new textbook, greeting the new students, and seeing my teaching friends after the summer.

This school Abilene Christian University meant so much to my life--I pray that my grandchildren can attend and share the wonders.  Maddie will be there in 8 years , a 2020 freshman.  I will be looking down on her, Ella and Sam watching them in purple and white, making the wildcat sign, hanging out in the student center, living in the dorm, and singing the school song...."Oh, dear Christian college we love you..."

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