Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Watching the new freshmen move into the dorms Saturday brought back many memories:

My dad struggling up the stairs to second floor McDonald with the bookcase he made me for college; my mom's hands full of hangers of clothes she made and bought for me to wear in this new venture; me carrying my books and suitcase.  Opening the door and seeing the bunkbeds, the tiny closet without a door, the formica covered desk and bureau and two lonely chairs, all in a room no bigger than our porch at home.  Of course, having the bathroon down the hall was a wake-up call as to just how stringent this journey was going to be--no suites with their own baths like  other dorms--just green, brown, and cheap.

But, oh, the glorious days that followed:  excellent teachers like James Culp, wonderful friends like Ruth Copeland, fun job in the library, working on the annual staff and traveling with the debate team--wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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