Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Graduation Anniversary

I was fortunate to travel to my 50th Graduation Anniversary from ACU recently.  What a blessing!  Brandon went with me to help me navigate walking.  We mostly ate and fellowshiped about old times at ACU and how much the campus had changed since 1961.  An old film made in the late 50's about ACU was shown, and it was striking--all the females were wearing dresses or skirts, the males were dressed in "golf shirts" and khakis.  Buying books and registering for classes was done with pen, paper and adding machines.  There were very few trees on the campus.  The barracks and hutments were still up and full. 

We met in the Hunter Center which is luxurious and so fit for large and small meetings.  Trees and flowers were in evidence everywhere.  However, it was not a Chamber of Commerce Weekend in Abilene--the wildfires burning 40 miles south threw smoke and ash into the whirling wind.  A sandstorm joined them, and we couldn't see very far in front of our faces. Wow! 

At any rate, it was fun; we were treated like royalty.  I must say, we all looked pretty good for our age, even though 178 out of 300 in our class have gone on to glory (the largest mortality rate of any class so far).

ACU gave me so much--inspirational teachers, a great career, and lots of fond memories.

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