Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Three Musketeers

Haven't blogged in a while--I've just been living life.  Mainly visiting doctors trying to find out what is wrong with my legs.

For the record, after an MRI and a EMG, the finding is that I have diabetic polyradiculo neuropathy which can be helped by neurontin and keeping my diabetes under control (which I carefully do).  But looks like I will walk with a cane for the rest of my life.  But, as Brandon says, the main word is WALK.  And I am very thankful my back shows no problem.  However, the triple whammy of the neuropathy, arthritis, and bad knees still don't make for a graceful standing up and sitting down, getting in and out of a car, etc.  Still I take the diagnosis as positive.

I got to keep the 3 Musketeers this past weekend--we had a good time--they painted rocks to line a small flower bed and an old sign I had on my fence---but the most memorable  event was  the paint fight that followed.  It was an acrilic washable paint thankfully.  It did not come out of Sam's hair easily, however.  They washed my car (I have the cleanest car in the county) too.  Maddie was a trooper and a very hard worker.  I hope she keeps this trait as she grows up.  Sam just loved the water, and Ella was an expert at cleaning the very dirty tire covers.  It was a great time, but my house is on disaster drill.  Every room calls out for a general cleaning.  It was a great time, however.

I loved the time, and I love them!!!

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