Thursday, October 14, 2010

19 Years

Wow! Time does fly.  Today marks the 19th anniversary of the first day I spent without my "Hon"(my nickname for Sam Thomas, my husband who died from prostate cancer).  I remember waking up, seeing the other side of the bed vacant and aching.  My house was full of Brandon's friends who had spent the night, so jumping into breakfast was necessary.  As the day wore on, I could feel Sam's palpable presence around every corner.  Brandon and I had to plan the ceremony for his funeral and pick out clothes for his body as well as a casket--not fun things to do, believe me.

And of course, thankfully, the phone was ringing every other minute with condolences.  Thankfully one of the friends, I think it was Donjaleigh, was there to answer the phone.  The next few hours were a flood of decisions and duties. All the while, worrying about Brandon and his feelings.

We could have never made it without God's help and the help of our friends.  Thanks for all of you still!  We loved and continue to love Sam.

Last night, we went to Olive Garden, and Ella wanted to know what Poppy (her name for Sam) would order and what he would eat for dessert.  I am so thankful that Brandon has told his children stories about Sam and created the name Poppy for him.  He stays alive in those stories (some of which are humdingers!).

Ronnie Lorenz (he and his wife are long-time friends) called last night and remembered with me.  Thanks , Ronnie and Darla--love you!

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