Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am leading the devotional each Tuesday at Ladies' Class for the next six weeks.  I am trying to teach and model the spiritual disciplines of silence and meditation in the 5 minutes I am given.
I have them relax in their chairs ("melt into the chair) with everything off their laps, relax their neck, face and shoulders, and put their hands on their thighs. We began the first Tuesday by turning the lights off, playing instrumental "healing" music, and meditating on the word Peace.  Today, we followed up on Josh's Sunday sermon by meditating on the Matt. 5:14 scripture You are the Light of the World (all work is sacred).  Eventually, I will wean them off the music and help them to just sit in silence and listen for the voice of God.  It seems to be going well, and many have said they wish we could do this in church.  We Do Need More Moments of Silence in Church, don't we?

Today I accidently turned into the Brentwood Methodist parking lot.  As I drove through it on the way to Hallmark, the leaves were doing their lovely slow dance from the trees to the ground.  Beautiful!

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