Saturday, May 29, 2010


NIMBY (not in my backyard) seems to be the operative word in Nashville these days.  This week a campaign to stop the building of a mosque in Wilson Pike succeeded.  The Tent City homeless, searching for a place to put up their tents since the flood destroyed their site, were loaned (only for two weeks, as I understand it) a site on personal land by Lee and Kelly Beaman.  Residents and churches nearby immediately howled protests.  As I looked at the picture of the land, I did not really see any residents nor businesses nearby, but nevertheless.....

Let's see, what would Jesus do for these folks?  I don't know what he would do about the mosque, but for the homeless there are many passages about taking care of them.  The Otter Creek Outreach Minister, Doug Sanders, has been instrumental in trying to find a place for the homeless.  There is a plan in the works with several cooperating churches and businessmen to find a more permanent place for those who wish to go there.  Surely those in the Hickory Hollow area (not too far from me) can wait with Christian patience for that plan to develop.

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