Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mrs. Stark

I taught in elementary schools for almost 25 years and worked with many magical teachers, but outshining them is Ella's first-grade teacher Mrs. Stark.  Dedicated, compassionate, loving, and yes--magical--Mrs. Stark had the knack of making each student sure that that student was her favorite.  She nicknamed Ella--Ella Enchanted--and winked and squeezed her everyday. 

There were the usual first-grade experiences like field trip to the farm, the symphony and theater,  incubating chicks, field day, art projects and history lessons.  I loved that she had each student choose an historical figure,  research in the library and on computer on that person and do an oral presentation as well as a written essay.  The presentation was accompanied by dressing the way the person would have dressed.  Ella chose Sacajawea and did a wonderful job with both the speech, essay and costume.

She stressed the value of friendship and moral values and was always, always smiling.What a wonderful year for Ella.

Brandon has a video on his blog showing Ella singing Pray for Me at the end of their program last night.

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