Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Affirmation and Nourishment

Nashville is full of volunteers these days.  Luci Shaw once said, "As Christians we give nourishment of all kinds to each other...we provide sustenance, whether it be money, or soup, or kind words.  Producing nourishment is a part of community."  Christians are filling the streets and homes of those who lost everything in the flood and providing them with all kinds of nourishment.  When he covered the story for CNN, Anderson Cooper said that he had been all over the world, withnessed all kinds of catastrophic happenings, but had never seen anything like what was happening in Nashville.  The paper is filled with stories of people helping--some with big trucks full of needed equipment, some with trunks filled with sandwiches and water, one lone guy riding down a street on his bike giving out masks, etc.

This is where one sees the face and the hands and feet of God. It doesn't take heroic measures--just bread, mayo, cheese and love.

Do all the good you can
   in all the places you can
at all the times you can
   to all the people you can,
as long as you can.

John Wesley

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