Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or treat

One of the more pleasant things about the up-coming holiday is the new tradition of trunk or treat.  You simply back up your car in the church parking lot, install candy, and the children come in droves.

Last night Otter hosted one of the biggest of its history on Franklin Road.  So many cute little Cinderellas and super-heroes running around.  Of course, Sheryl made the kids' costumes--different and unique.  Maddie was Bat Woman, Sam was a proud Shark Boy and Ella was a very cute and stylish car hop.  Sheryl, however, was the hit of the evening dressed like Luci Arnez--red hair, big lips and all. I did not even know her at first.  What fun!

I decided to add oranges to my selections this year--they were cheap at Publix and they were a big hit as an alternative to all that chocolate.

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