Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Eighteen years ago last night just before midnight, a large group of people, Brandon and I were sitting on the fifth floor of Hendrick Memorial Hospital listening to the last breath of my huband Sam.  He had fought a valiant 8year fight with prostate cancer, and it had won.  

Although the mood was somber, we couldn't help but tell some Sam Thomas stories.  Sam was a notorious prankster. After he became a principal,  there was the story about his interview with a prospective, newly graduated teacher.  Seems she had slipped her shoes off during the interview, and he had somehow manuevered to get them under his desk.  When the interview was over, the woman realized she couldn't find her shoes.  She was embarrased to ask, so just started walking toward the door barefoot, until Sam confessed and rescued her.  She got the job.

His favorite thing to do was to put plastic bugs or snakes in the mail boxes of unsuspecting teachers (it didn't take long for them to catch on).  The teachers could always look for candy in their mailboxes on Monday and many times there would be a personal note of encouragement, as well.

He loved stealing lunches of his teaching buddies and putting paper in the sandwich and then returning the lunch to its proper place.  If we had guests for dinner, a large ugly plastic fly would find its way to the bottom of the ice tea glass, or a plastic piece of cheese would be placed among the other pieces.   I couldn't do much about his propensity for fun--I loved it.

Even after all these years, I miss his sense of fun and his warmth.  Love you, Sam!

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