Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Comfort of Old Friends

I have had a wonderful two days--old friends from Abilene, Dave and Ann Jones came through on their way to Lawrenceberg and spent the night.

Dave was one of my friends in college, a friend of Sam later, and our next-door neighbor when we lived in our Potosi house. Sam performed his and Ann's marriage.

We thought we were going to take a cruise on the General Jackson on Tuesday, but turns out it doesn't sail on Tues. So I took them to the Factory to eat and shop in Franklin, and we kind of toured my end of Nashville and saw monster houses , and I took them to Otter's new building.

It is so relaxing to be with friends who know your history and every quirk, and you can just slide into conversations as if you had seen each other only yesterday. I got caught up on all the school and church gossip from Abilene and on what all our other friends are doing.

Wed. was a perfect day for the sail, and we really enjoyed it. Serendipities abounded--At our table at lunch were the parents of friends in Abilene and a couple from Fresno who recognized me from my picture on Brandon's blog. Just proves that one must be good all the time!

Now I am lonesome.

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