Thursday, November 03, 2011

An attitude of gratitude

We have been reading Ann Voscamp's book 1000 Gifts in ladies' class this semester.  Listing the gifts of each day helps bring to one an attitude of gratitude for all that God has done.  That is the premise of the book.
I like the premise; however, the writing is verbose and repetitive.  She really needed a good editor.  But every now and then, she comes up with some beautiful description.  I would recommend this book for the premise and her occasional good words.

I am on 275 on my list and I thought I would add today's weather to it.  The wind that blew in today has the bite of winter in it.  And I am a fall-winter person who likes to huddle round the fireplace with an afghan around my lap and a book in my hand.  So # 275 is the bite of winter in the air today.

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