Friday, November 12, 2010

Demise of Book Stores

It was shock to get up this morning and find out that Davis Kidd Bookstore is closing.  It is one of my very favorite places in Nashville and one that I often visit--and oh the Lemon Tarragon Soup at the Bistro.
Independent bookstores are having a hard time these days because of Amazon and e-books.  I will admit that I have bought the cheapest book where ever I could find it--helps my budget and salves my guilt about buying another book.

It is such a comfort to enter a store and find clerks who know books, and who don't answer with "Huh?"  And to find good books displayed in a usuable fashion.  For example, most chain bookstores display what are called "grandmother books" at the front of the children's section, so that book buyers never get past them to the really good books.  I am grieving for those untutored buyers who settle for the shiniest, cutest things.

I do hope  the corporate office that is closing the store will relent in the face of all who rise up against the decision. Such a sad day for Nashville.

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