Monday, November 15, 2010

Brandon's Birthday

Today is the birthday of my one and only chick Brandon Scott Thomas, born in Hendrick Hospital, Abilene, Texas on this day.  As Bruce Springsteen has said, "We all carry a landscape within us."  At the time of Brandon's birth, we lived in the country on a dead end road--the perfect place to roam and play.  It seems like only yesterday that he was picking flowers from the flower bed and presenting them to me, riding his horse Tiger, motoring around on his go-cart, chasing chickens (and being chased by a rooster), raising a championship pig, and going to Interscholastic League contests as a singer and the drum major of the Wylie High School Band. It was just a leap to Abilene Christian where he continued his love of singing by performing in Summer Stage (a presentation for several summers by the music and theater depts.), acting in the Homecoming Musicals, and traveling all over the country recruiting for ACU in singing groups like Reflections, etc.  Of course we attended every presentation he was in and loved it.

The highlight of his time as ACU was appearing in Sing Song.  Again from  a front seat at every performance we loved him--Sam was so sick, he could hardly sit there, but he willed to be there.  And then Brandon came to Nashville, became a worship leader and the leader of the Zoe Group.  Here again were opportunities for me (now alone after Sam's death) to enjoy his presence, godliness and singing abilities from a front seat.  Now he is a husband and father and excelling at that as with all other things.  Of course, he has his failings, but mothers do not dwell on such things--they simply enjoy their sons.

Happy birthday Brandon, your mom loves you.

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