Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Where is October?

Today is the 3rd of November!  Where did October go?  I don't remember it passing so fast last year--Sadly, the leaves on the trees here are dropping like confetti on a parade.  The wind expected this afternoon will finish some of them off.  We have had glorious color thanks to all the rain--You can't see anything in Vermont and Maine to equal Tennessee in the fall.  I love it!

I had more trick or treaters than ever before--so many beautiful little princesses and tough Spider Men.  It was refreshing to see moms and dads sheparding their little ones from house to house--and some young couples making it a fun night together.

I am loving teaching the ladies' class on Tuesdays.  I am trying to persuade them to write their spiritual autobiographies. One of the things I love about teaching is looking out at the listeners and seeing that some of them are connecting with what I say.  That look is priceless to a teacher.  I was amazed to see how the hymn "Find Us Faithful" has fit so well with our study.  It and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ("here I raise my Ebeneezer" [raise my memories])have become our theme songs for the series. I'm going to try Precious Memories next week--I don't know how well it will do considering that we connnect it with funerals.

I attended a precious funeral yesterday--the mother of our Doug Sanders.  Her name was Ladye Frank Sanders--don't you love it?
Instead of flowers, she asked that her casket be covered with a beautiful old quilt made for her by her great-grandmother and specified that the quilt be left for Mrs. Sanders' first great-grandchild to carry on the tradition.  Love traditions like that!

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