Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday was my 47th wedding anniversary--of course, I have been a widow for 18 years--but the day still comes to mind as a milestone.

It was Thanksgiving, and we had the rehearsal dinner at the home of the Powells--serving turkey and all the trimmings to the guests.  Sam's mom and sister did the cooking.  It was our way of saving money and a time for real celebration with the family. 

Our wedding day dawned beautiful.  The ceremony took place without a hitch.  Rodney did a good job officiating, the singers sang our chosen selections well.  The wedding reception was in the Nelson Parlor.  Sam and I left in suits (his wedding suit, a charcoal gray which I still have in a closet and I in a pink, melon job)  Contrastng it with weddings today, it seems alwfully old-fashioned, but we loved it.  And we took off in our blue Chevy to Brownwood for our first night.  Then on to San Antonio for the rest of the honeymoon--staying in places like Buck's Courts and Holiday Inn.  Maybe that is why I enjoy the Marriot so much now!
Brandon asked me one time why my wedding pictures were in black and white--seems almost another era.

JFK was killed on our first anniversary--doesn't seem that long ago......

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