Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maddie Reads!

When I entered her home last night, Maddie immediately brought me some of the books she is reading: Junie B. Jones and The Little House Series (Easy Reader series). Sheryl says that she goes to sleep with books on her bed every night, and she had been found reading under the covers after lights out. It is such joy to see reading take hold in children. I think that is why first grade teachers love their jobs so much! As has been often said, it seems that a light goes on somewhere and it all comes together in the brain.

Ella is following close behind--she read the Very Hungry Caterpillar to me last night and said that she loved all the books of Eric Carle.

But of course, all this might not have happened had Sheryl and Brandon been "too busy" to read aloud to them virtually every night from birth. Such a good beginning!

May they enjoy reading all their lives and find in it the joy and comfort and learning I find.

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