Friday, March 30, 2007

Texas Monthly

Reading Texas Monthly is like a visit home. The magazine is so thick and full of stuff to read, I usually put it at the back of my pile waiting for a longer span of time. Today, I just sat down and finally read the August '06 issue. Yes, I am behind on my other magazines too.

From the editorials to the advertisements, the Monthly shouts Texas and all it uniqueness. A review of the last governor's race and interview with an illegal immigrant who has been in Texas for 16 years lead the articles. My favorite feature now is a series of columns "Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch" detailing what it is like to live on a Texas ranch in the 21st century. The advertisements beckon one to Mexican restuarants in San Antonio and Austin, and try mightly to see buyers expensive condos in Horseshoe Bay. Texas furniture is displayed and lighted as if it were works of art. Paul Burka, another favorite writer, writes challenging columns on Texas politics which pretty well help me sort out my belief that no state in the Union has such strange bedfellows serving in state government. At least I thought that until I moved to Nashville!

Recipes for Southwestern dishes abound and make me yearn for Perini Ranch in Abilene.

Oh, well I am in the land of trees and gorgeous springs now, and I do enjoy that.

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