Wednesday, August 03, 2005


We are so relieved about Sheryl. Thankful it was a speedy, efficient procedure. Please pray for that kidney to function. She doesn't need an operation right now that will put her down.

Brandon refers in his blog to Maddie, Annie and the song Tomorrow. She sang it for me last night. What a joy. I love the lyrics to that song and the hope it offers. In fact, I love hope. I feel that we have sort of lost our way as a nation because we have lost hope in that American Dream that those of us over 50 grew up with. We hear too much doom and gloom and not enough "here's what tomorrow will bring." We are beset by cobwebs and sorrow and think there is nothing to look forward to. Maddie, Ella and Sam are my tomorrow, and I pray they never lose faith in the promises of hope educationally, politically and spirituall.

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