Friday, July 12, 2013


As a public school library supevisor, I had the reputation of being a fast weeder.  Those old books which have turned yellow over time, the books that were outdated, and those that had not been checked out in five years  had to go to make space for new books.  So I was elected to weed the collection in several schools, while the school librarian stood by wringing her hands. Some people find it very difficult to get rid of books--feeling they are almost sacred, I guess.

Why, then, do I find it so difficult to get rid or my own books?  I do have a space problem--books are stacked on top of other books because there is no room on the shelves for them.

Therefore, I am trying very systematically to rid myself of old books which I know I will never read--I try giving them to other people, donating to the public library's book sale, trading books on paperback swap, etc.  (Trading is not actually getting rid of them--just makes me feel better.)  Yet my collection just keeps growing.

I just have to pray that I will have the courage and will to clear those shelves before someone else has to do it for me when I am gone.  And to rid myself of my attachment to worldly things.

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