Monday, April 16, 2012

Where joy and sorrow meet

The Zoe song refers the the cross; however, I had a weekend which meets the description too:

Attended the funeral of my friend Colleen Durrington.  Such a gracious and intelligent lady who died mysteriously--they never figured out what she had.  I shall miss her, and the educational world here in Abilene will be greatly diminished with her loss.

Then the Langfords, Delbert and Beverly who are the parents of Brandon's friend from junior days Jennifer were here bringing a granddaughter (who looks's just like her aunt Jennifer) to the current High School Day.  We met at Highland, worshpped together, ate Mexican together and surveyed old times.--It was great fun.

The Langfords and I then attended the funeral of Harold and Jeanette Lipford's daughter in Fulks Theater.  Susan was one of a kind, and the funeral suited her--because she planned it during her dying days.  Cindy Hudson, her sister, gave a wonderful eulogy.  Hated seeing Jeanette and Harold so pained.

At the same time as the funeral, Brandon and Sheryl were moving into their new leased house with the help of about 10 volunteers.  I went by after the funeral and enjoyed watching the beehive of activity, remembering the day I moved into my house.  Maddie was the first to get her room ready, of course, and she was enjoying unpacking the boxes from storage.  The house is perfect for them--light and airy with four bedrooms and TWO bathrooms, actually two and half.  I can't wait to see what Sheryl can do with it.

The service Sunday was about Highland's vision for the next ten years--a very full and appropriate vision for our church whose aim is to use all our gifts in the inner city.  The ministry team outdid themselves.

So joy and sorrow met yesterday.  Thank you, God for both.

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