Thursday, February 09, 2012

Each Day I'll Do....

The title is from an old hymn from the 30's--it came to mind when the 10th person of the week asked me, "What do you do all day long?"  It seems that when one is retired, others think you would have to look for things to do. 

I never have to look--things just find me.  Today, for example, I had to do lab tests for my yearly physical at Abilene Regional which is far away from where I live; I am finishing up writing my comments for the Lament Service we are having Sunday night; and then working on Chapter 1 of Ecclesiastes for teaching my class next Tuesday.  Along the way, I hope to have time to read the newspaper and do the crossword. 

In her new book, Lauren Winner says, "...glimmerings of hope keep interrupting my day."  I pray that hope interrupts me today too.

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