Thursday, May 19, 2011

Abilene, Here We Come

You have probably already read Brandon's blog about our new opportunity in Abilene, Texas.  And that we are moving this summer.

I will move when my house sells--may that come soon.  If you are interested in a one-level (we call them ranch houses) 3 bedroom small house (1304 sq. ft) in a quiet neighborhood just outside Nashville and near Nolensville---come quickly. My address is 8253 Ramstone Way, Antioch (or Cane Ridge) TN 37013.  There are pictures on the Friedrich Clark web site.

I am having open house this Sunday May 22nd 2-4 p. m.

This is a perfect house for a grandmother who is wanting to come to Nashville to be near family, or a newly married couple wanting a first house.  I love this house!  It has a fireplace, an attached garage, separate shower in the master bath, it faces woods in the front and even more woods in the back, so that no one can build in front of the house. I have turned one of the smaller bedrooms into a study, and the master bedroom and living area have tall ceilings (there is a term for the ceiling, but I cannot think of it.).  I have a wonderful handyman who has fixed everything up, so we are ready to go and sell.

As far as moving, as you know, I moved here to be with my children and grandchildren.  It has been wonderful to watch the growth of the grands--I would not have seen this if I had not moved.

I love Nashville, I love my house, I love all the friends I have made here, I love Otter Creek church and Josh Graves, I love my small group, I love my book club,  and my very close friend Doris Colvett.  All have been exceptionally good to me, and have made this Nashville experience one I shall always treasure.

But I am followng my children and grandchildren back to Abilene with an excited heart for all that awaits us there.  God has great blessings for us there, I am convinced.

Come buy me house so I can leave!

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