Friday, February 11, 2011

Vicky Smith

My friend and teaching colleague died over the weekend from a horrible cancer .

Vicky and I shared a hall in the English Dept.  She was a larger-than-life character--very straightforward.  If you didn't want to know what she thought in aces, don't ask.  Although she was very conservative, we had some really deep talks about the church.

She and I were virtually the only Democrats (except Mel Hailey) on the ACU campus, and we liked nothing better than to get people riled up.  We always decorated our end of the hall with election posters, pictures and buttons.

Vicky was an excellent, dedicated teacher who was very vested in her students' lives.  They trusted her with their problems, and she always had a spiritual answer for them.

Vicky enjoyed my bringing ideas from the public school classroom to her--she so wanted to move away from just lecture--which she did and the students loved it!

We swapped books, ideas, philosophy, and funny stories.  I loved that girl and will miss her.

Jesus, thank you for opening your arms to Vicky Jan Smith.  That is a great comfort.

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