Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

A note to my son on my 39th Mother's Day:

Dear Babe,

I am so glad you were born, and I am your mother. I remember how excited Dad and I were when we knew you were coming and the joy we felt when we first saw you. Since that day in 1969, you have been the zip in my step, the sugar in my day and the joy in my heart. There is hardly an hour in the day that I do not think and pray for you and your family. What a blessing you are to me now and you were to Dad while he lived.

As your mother, I have feet of clay and give far too much advice and not enough good modeling, but I have tried my best to help you become a sweet man of God, a lover of family, and a true and honest citizen of the world. So far, I have succeeded, thanks to God's blessings and the help of so many others. So, blessings on this day from your mother, and thank you for the gifts this day has brought.

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